Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a different approach to thrombolysis

A neighbouring crew had a most peculiar job recently. Upon arrival, they found their patient complaining of classic cardiac signs: crushing central chest pain, cold, clammy and sweating like there is no tomorrow. Off comes the shirt, on go the defibrillator pads; ST depression is evident. Five minutes later, the patient goes in to cardiac arrest. A shock is administered, and the patient wakes up. Just like in the movies. And the ECG is also back to normal.

I saw the rhythm strip with my own eyes: sick rhythm - strange rhythm - VF - shock - near-normal sinus. We believe that in the process of defibrillation, the clot disintegrated or dislodged itself. I'll try and get a copy of the rhythm strip to post up here.

Tenecteplase? Who needs Tenecteplase?! :-)