Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To all fellow students

This semester is full on. We have two major units to complete, paediatrics and obstetrics. Both are of the category 'own worst nightmare calls', as a) I can't relate to the jobs (not being female and not being the best around kids), and b) due the the above I don't take as much of an interest in them.

Funny thing that. You don't like those type of job, so you try avoid learning about them as well.

So I actively try to overcome this fear. Trying to plunge myself in to the depths of it all. We recently had a near-birth situation - luckily, we arrived at hospital on time. Good thing we did, because the wee one didn't want to come out on his own, and Doc needed to use the Ventouse (suction cap). Once out, baby was bluey-purple, floppy, and not screaming. If that had have been in the back of the truck, chances are that I would have been screaming instead...

Suction and some vigorous towel rubbing turned kiddo in to a crying pink little bundle of something in less than ten seconds though. 'Nuther lesson learnt.

At the end of the day, young people can easily flip the panic switch in my world. I just cannot relate to them. A fact that won't change anytime soon.


I actually meant to write this post about how an extreme workload at university can have a negative impact on your patient care (goes to show I probably needed to vent something else!). I've been very busy lately, and the last couple of days at work have seen a slightly tired and mediocre approach.

Anybody else have similar experiences?