Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rettungsdienst Frankfurt

I started my career in Germany as a volunteer ambo. So, going back there it was a given that I'd pop in to say hi to a few colleagues - and then I even managed to get a nightshift with them!

Unfortunately the pics didn't turn out well, but above are a few so you can get an idea of the workspace of Paramedics in Frankfurt.

Things work quite differently over there. For one, they have emergency doctors in response cars. Paramedics aren't allowed to do as much as in Australia, UK, US etc. I am preparing a couple of more blog posts to follow, comparing the (West) Australian Ambulance Service to the service in London and Frankfurt.

Until then, I have a night shift to go to tonight. After two weeks in continental Europe, I may have forgotten on what side of the road we drive on over here, but not to worry: I can always switch on the flashing lights in case I get confused...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

London in Pictures

London is colourful. "Wait!", you say, "surely not now, it's November!"

a) look at the cool bikes strewn all over the city:

b) look at the enormous amount of bright yellow ambulances decorating the city. And if you had a good look recently, you may have spotted yours truly

having a ball next to the amazing Lysa Walder

who is an

with the

Detailed report coming shortly...

Friday, November 27, 2009


Back from Holidays.
Back from Europe.
Back to Life
Back to Reality.

What a Pity.

- ~ -

Three weeks including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Heidelberg & Ruedesheim. Plus two ambulance shifts and constantly on the lookout for anything with flashing lights - it's hard to kick the habit.

Stay tunes for detailed reports.