Thursday, October 29, 2009

bright and light

The shift started off great - those of you who follow my twitter feed (@flobach) will have seen why: First job of the night, and my septuagenarian patient gives me a big toothless smile while stating firmly she wants me to be the father of her children.

Sorry, but I have to decline...if you can't look me directly in the eye, I'm not interested. Probably didn't help that I was trying to shine a light right through to the back of your retina, but hey, that's the deal. If you want to marry the doctor, you gotta follow the doctors orders.

Doctor? Yes, my potential wife's carer referred to me as the doctor. Initially I was going to correct her, but then I thought better of it, and just lay back and bathed in the glory. Mmmmmh, glory :-)

- ~ -

Summary: First job at 1800hrs, cleared at hospital from our last job at 21:40hrs. Back to station, played around with my camera (see below), and went to bed at 0000hrs. Awoke at 0735hrs by the sound of the day crew arriving. Brilliant. Annual leave now - no more aussie ambo stories for a few weeks (but will catch up on other odds & sods)!

(not the best shots, but enjoy anyway!)