Monday, April 20, 2009

First Nightshift

We were second van out today. A lot of crews take it easier in such a situation, as there is always one van out before they have to be ready.

Me, I'd rather be ready to run, thinking such thoughts as "what happens if they alert us both at the same time for some multiple car pile up or worse?"

Well, that's just what happened:

"Hello Depot, Vans #1 and #3 please to a Bus vs Bus".

Well, off we sped, pedal to the metal, my adrenaline pumping, my Mass Casualty training fresh in my mind.

In the end it was more of an exercise than anything else, a low speed impact between two buses, and we were last ambulance on scene. We grabbed two walking wounded and took them to hospital.

Still a good job. I got to see how Mass Casualty works in the real world. I followed up this job with the first paramedics that were on scene, as well as on scene team leaders, just to see how they handled, what their thoughts were etc.

At hospital we witnessed a kicking and screaming patient being brought in by police. Being held down by police and hospital security on a bed, the nurse asked him a few questions, to which he didn't reply much. This guy was literally spitting anger and disgust, and was not happy being at hospital.

That changed the minute the nurse reminded him what had been happening, all in a really calm voice: "You were seen running in between cars on a busy road, and other citizens were worried about you".

To which he replied: "Oh...I forgot about that. Sorry, I didn't want to cause anybody any harm".

Sweet as a lamb after that. Well done nurse!

The shift ended with an early morning call. A youth had driven his dads car at elevated speed against a traffic island, and cleanly ripped of the front right wheel, which was lying a couple of meters down the road.

They were all healthy, but not happy, so we let the police deal with them.

I'm sure his dad was not too pleased, it looked like a brand new car. Oops :-)