Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Shift! First Job!

First day on the Job - I rushed in to attend :-)

Female in her 80's with a NOF (fracture to Neck Of Femur). MXF, Fentanyl, Easton bandages, took my time. no panic, just forgot all major obs :-)

Started treatment with MXF, continued with Fentanyl IN, respraying every 10-15 minutes, whenever the patient needed it.

Then cruise around town, the mall, also checking out bus lanes for emergency drives, exploring the entrance to hospitals, had a look around the childrens hospital and the Casino.

Our second call was to a patient, bleeding on foot, 15yof. It was a no show. Instead saw the police with ?heroin overdose, and conveyed her to hospital. I practiced my NPA insertion. Note to self: Make sure KY Jelly is in the back of van, readily available.

3/4 hour overtime - more money :-)