Thursday, November 18, 2010

The October Handover - Wearing is Caring!

Another month has passed by on planet earth - which means it is time for another edition (number 20!) of "The Handover"!

This time we wanted to find out what everyone wears whilst they're on the job...uniforms, gadgets, the lot. Thanks for all who contributed!

We'll start off nice and casual with EMS Chick, who has the liberty of wearing what she wishes at work. Well, suspenders would be taking it too far I believe, but read for yourself:

Cruising along the volunteer highway, let's have a look at how to save for a hot tub. I believe this is ancient ninja technique: a) remove spare change from pockets in order to be able to move stealth-like towards your opponent, and b) wear a ballistic vest for an extra super mario life. Is EMS really that dangerous up there?

Jonathan B takes variety to a new level...from uniform over evening dress to...boy scout uniform? Hell, that's way cooler than I'll ever get to dress up when going on calls. Honestly, I would pay to see that. Kinda kinky too ;-)

Follow the accessory maturation process of a EMT-P (P for Primate this time), over at Life of a Transport Monkey. Like the evolution, keeping it down to the minimum as you realise you don't need everything. Going through that process myself (no offence to those who carry more though!).

The Ditch Doctor takes it to an even leaner level. And I have to quote his three main items: "education, clinical knowledge & experience". Well said, Jonathan.

Firing it up again, Ronnie swings us a 180, and explains why he does like to carry equipment on his person.

James Chadbourne, a.k.a. mack505 shares great ways how to fight the obesity pandemic that is currently flooding the western world: Empty your pockets!

Last but not least, InsomniacMedic takes an entirely different approach on the subject. I really like the post, and can't sum it up nicely, so please just have a read yourself. And don't forget that we are all human at the end of the day.

- ~ -

And so to answer Transport Monkeys question: I don't carry shears in my pants pocket. I'm happy to see you guys and gals contributing here.

Sorry for the long wait. I'd nearly finished typing up version 1 when the interwebz went kerbonkers on me, and lost everything in the ether. Exams came and went, and finally I sit myself down now in between night shifts to re-wrte everything. So many apologies if this read a little twisted/warped. Purely (un)intentional.