Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just one look

Just one look is all it takes, they say, for an experienced paramedic to realise if the patient is "big sick" or only "little sick", if the patient is time critical or a time waster.

Just one look is all it takes for a jaded, cynical & no fun to work with paramedic to annoy the fuck out of me. Sorry for the harsh language, but it really annoys me when people look at the job description, and consistently fob it off as the patient being a time waster.

I don't f&^%ing care, I'll see for myself. We all know that dispatch information is unreliable. And occasionally, the patient who has had constipation for three days and is complaining of a little tummy pain failed to mention the chest pains he is having - bang, there's your 'genuine' patient. But even then that burnt out paramedic will not accept that as a wake up call, more of a 'oh, happened to be a real patient for a change, meh'.

FFS, be enthusiastic about the whole thing. And I'm not talking about girly screams and wishing every patient be involved in major trauma and having massive myocardial infarctions. Just take things serious enough, have some fun, a get some satisfaction and excitement out of it.

I am absolutely over with this awesome job being treated as more daily boring stuff, more everyday boredom, more drab, everybody is there to get me down.

Get out of that horrible cycle, splash some cold water on to your face, slap yourself hard, get back to the days to when you were excited everytime you got a call, no matter what it was.

This job, this life is about enjoying yourself as much it is as helping others enjoy their lives as much as possible.

Do it together. And if you want to go down, get out. Don't pull me with you.

Coz I'm here to have a party.