Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wear art thou?

Back in the day...

Recently, our ambulance service treated us all to a uniform update.

The old uniforms had been around for over ten years, and were outdated in terms of style, functionality and visibility (that would mean that they were stylish and functional at one comment on that).

So we went from a 'dress' uniform (no, not wearing dresses) with dark green pleated pants and light mint green (horrible) pressed shirts to a more tactical style uniform - much better!

The benefits in my humble opinion
  • the dark green/teal does not show up stains (although it does attract white hospital linen fluff)
  • the uniform represents our workplace environment (less office, more outdoor)
  • the breast pockets velcro open, no more fiddling with unbuttoning them and having everything fall out when bending over
  • no more epaulettes, rank on breast patch and on back patch. No more stuff getting caught on your shoulders, no more fiddling them on new shirts; also makes for a cleaner look.
  • name (left) and rank (right) on little velcro patches, no more stab wounds from those bloody name badges
  • pen pouches on sleeves
  • Cargo pants - big pockets with velcro for stowing heaps of stuff and accessing it easily.
  • Reflective stripes on pants, reflective piping throughout uniform, relfective rank patch on back, reflective name and rank patch on front.
  • much more rugged (it seems) material, with mesh underarms and mesh flap on back (great in 40+ degree Perth summers)
  • Overall fit is much better, and looks nicer on staff (the old stuff was baggy where it shouldn't have been, and tight where it was inappropriate).

Oh, and the best? We get Jumpsuits….yeah baby! Love 'em!

What are your uniforms like? Have you recently changed or are you going to change?
Interested to hear about your rants, raves, preferences and improvements!