Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Handover - Wearing is Caring!

Here I am, trying to become more know, more fibre in your diet and...erm, I mean more bog blog posting...

So I've teamed up with the wonderful troupe down at The Handover for this months Handover...

*insert drumroll*


Tell us what you wear to work; your uniform, your gadgets, even trusty friends like Simon the Sturgeon (a colleagues stuffed fish who always rides on the dashboard).
Or Geoffrey.

So - write up a post, or start a blog if you need to (with, or any other popular blogging platform) and send me the link of your post to me:

flobach at gmail dot com

Deadline is 30th of October, so get cracking and writing!

Here's my post, something to get started on (but by no means a guideline - get creative, people!).

Cheers in advance for you contributions, and a big hooray for the blokes who started and continue to look after the handover!