Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working Holiday

Not working, but a holiday with a lot of ambulance involvement. Only in dot form, as I am sitting in the Library in Flinders Lane, and need to get some things done later.

  • Met with my first on road tutor and great mate
  • Met with Taz, from
  • Met with some paramedics from Paddington Station, who were kind enough to show us around
  • Grabbed some dumplings for dinner last night, had to share a table as it was so full. Turns out is was a ED nurse from one of the local hospital. Random Cool :-)
  • Going on an observer shift with a Melbourne crew tomorrow
  • ACAP SPA conference Friday
...and living in a hostel is a little different, I am reminded. My locker seems to have come directly from the Rotterdam drug seizing authority. I opened it yesterday and nearly started flying around the room in a green haze, such was the pungent stench of Marihuana. I am now worried my clothes will soak up all the THC particles, and I will reek of weed on my flight home. Police will arrest me, lock me up and perform a deep and thorough full body cavity search.

Oh, and I wanted to share the view from my room:

PS: Girl in Green, where art thou? No escaping said you were coming to the conference!