Tuesday, September 1, 2009

second is first

Went Paintballing on Sunday. I was supposed to be working that day, and, to be honest, I was hoping I would not get the day off; I am a big wuss at times, and the thought of little speedy pellets filled with paint hurtling towards my delicate skin with breakneck speed did not sounds like a walk in the park. But it also sounded like heaps of fun, so I did go, and blimey is was good. I had a ball (yes, pun intended).

Back to topic: Arriving at work back for my first day, but the second day of the set of four. As I mentioned before, I like to drive on my first day back, and I erroneously put all my gear on the drivers seat, until my crewmate rocked up, and moved it to the 'hot seat' (hot seat: the attendants seat). Of course, my turn in the back today, duh!

Not much happened that tested me, here is what we did (wait a second whilst I just grab my notepad...Damn, left it at work. Go Go Gadget MEMORY!).

  • Check van
  • Read email.
  • Watch first 20 minutes of reservoir dogs.
  • First Call: Patient with lump in groin, relatives could not get patient in to car, so we got patient in to our car.
  • Transfer from LittleHospital to BigHospital. Child with respiratory distress. Hospital gave appropriate meds, and kiddiewinks slept throughout transport. Easy.
  • Something
  • Something else
  • Watch last 20 minutes of reservoir dogs.
  • Patient collapsed in dentists chair. Patients humour still intact, he states he fainted when he saw the bill.
  • Realise I have splitting headache, take panadol
  • Back to station, lie down for twenty minutes.
  • Night crew arrives to take over. Pack my stuff and leave.
  • Home, eat, sleep.