Saturday, September 12, 2009

catchup post, nightshift a week ago

The shifts were busy. Busy sleeping in between shifts, and then busy camping in my days off -> hence the lack of posts.
More for personal use (so I can look back and remember all my fun little jobs), here is work from a week ago:

  • Male, cut to head, post fall. Turns out he has been regularly taking 3 instead of 2 sleeping tablets. Also, you are supposed to take these when you are already in bed, avoiding all outside stimuli. Well, this feller didn't, and went a bit crazy. Easy enough of a job, just an eye opener what sleeping tablets can do to you.
  • Bicycle vs lamppost, guess who won? ETOH ++ (drunk). Worlds biggest, and worst, pain impersonator. Your claim to pain is not 10/10. I may be still young, keen and a little naive, but you aint foolin' me. Go to acting school, and try again.
  • Female, SOB. More emotional and walking induced than anything else (familky funeral, and she was ~80 yrs old). Lovely old Lady though. Ramped at hospital for 2 hours :-(
  • RFDS transfer, Female poly drug overdose (OD)
  • Head on car collision, female self extricated, but complaining of strong abdominal pain. Car pulled out in front of her, seems like she didn't stand a chance. Lucky for her she was in a relatively modern car with airbags and some good safety standards. 10-15 years ago this prang would have had quite a different outcome...