Saturday, September 12, 2009

catchup post, dayshift just gone by

  • Resus! A bittersweet one: Yes he lives, but it was a suicide attempt. So no real happy ending. I'd love to go in to more detail, but I'd rather not, otherwise I might end up in a not so sweet spot.
  • Female, Vomiting since midnight. Had been feeling unwell for 12 hours. History of same 10 years ago, diagnosis food poisoning. And even 10 years ago they called an ambulance to get our patient to hospital. Some people just don't learn. Patients son was very concerned about mum, and tried to help us as much as possible (read: got in the way). Why he didn't do his mum a favour and take her to hospital himself remains a mystery. Hgrmph.
  • Polypharmaceutical OD (taken too many too different drugs). Patient started off allright, albeit drowsy. Then things went downhill, and we ended up iwth a completely unresponsive patient. Sights and Lirens to hospital. Good Job.
  • Easiest job ever: backup for a lift. Arrived at scene, helped the crew lift heavy patient from chair to stretcher, and left again.
A good day.