Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First

Outside forces are recalling memories. These forces stem from Mark at Medic999, asking the simple question: "What was your first ever emergency call?".

Here goes:

We were having a grand time. I was with a group of long-time friends, and the whole inner city had been blocked off because of the festivities going on. Beer, Wine and Spirits were flowing in generous amounts around me (mind you I take it pretty easy on that stuff), and a good time was being had by all.

A mate of mine and I decided to catch up with another group of friends; we had heard they were sitting in the nearby park. So off we trundled in to the dusky evening, leaving the merriness of the streets behind us, and just talking about random things that came to mind. We entered the park, walking in the presumed direction of our mates, when a bunch of spotty teenies cross our way, and surround the two us. It it completely dark by now, and the bastards shine torches directly in to our eyes.

Spotty Teenie Kids: "Hey, we are police."

This is followed up by some primate-type grunting/laughing, a la Beavis & Butthead. Yeah right of course you are police. You can't even wear you cap around the right way. They continue:

STK: "Hey, you, how are you going? You got a mobile on you? We have to check it."

I silently consider my options. Running away could be tricky - my friend just came out of hospital from a hernia operation 3 days prior, quick movements are out of the question. I myself only had thongs on, not the best of running gear. Plus, there are about 10 of the buggers surrounding us. So far they only have torches, but I do know what these types of kids often carry around with them...and I didn't want to push the limits to find out. So, in a bit of an anticlimax for you, beloved reader, we hand over our mobiles and my mate also has to hand over his wallet (I somehow got out of that). And off they run in to the darkness.

Now, all that built up adrenaline comes rushing out in to my system - my mind and body are free to work again, without the fear of knives being produced. I need the police here, pronto. But don't have a phone to call them.

I need a bystander with a mobile phone.

Running off towards the edge of the park, I find a couple sitting on a bench. I note they are doing something, but I am focussed on getting police assistance ASAP: "I need your mobile phone to call the police, quick!" I shout. They look startled. "Do you have a mobile on you? I need to call the police, we just got robbed!". The guy slowly pulls a phone out of his pocket with a 'What the hell is going on' look on his face. I dial the number for the police, and hand the phone back. Startled couple still look startled, and hush off.

Well, it turns out I missed a vital bit during those few moments, my mate tells me later. The couple on the bench were just preparing a line of cocaine to snort, when tunnel-vision-me comes running up and demands their phone to call the cops.

I would love to know what thoughts were running through their mind at the time...