Saturday, August 22, 2009

kicking back

Currently sitting at the depot, feet up, back rest near horizontal on one of the recliners. I realize that my last post was all over the place and reads 'busy', but that is exactly how I felt after the shift, when I wrote the post.

2 hours in to my shift, and still no calls. I'm going to go out in to the stores room now, and squirt some atomised saline up my nose. We use these devices to apply Intra Nasal Fentanyl for pain relief. Of course, squirting stuff up your nose can be a tad uncomfortable, so it's important to know

Quick interlude: just got a priority one, unconscious person. Accepted the job, just about to put the address in my satnav, and then got stood down, as "person is now conscious, and we aren't required".

how it feels to the patient, so you can honestly tell them how it feels. We also did this with thin flexible oxygen catheters up our noses in induction school. Yuk.

I draw the line at intubation, though.