Friday, July 31, 2009

Virtual meets Real

Strolling down the ED this afternoon, and my partner and I exchange a few words with a doc who's been out in ED all day. I've been told that he's a good doc and an ace in his speciality - toxicology. I could learn something from him, methinks.

He starts talking about some new blog out there, some student ambo called 'the elmbulance'. He recently found it, and if we know who he is.

Hmm. Do I identify myself? It will come out over time, and hey - we both have one thing in common!

me: "sandnsurf by any chance?"

doc: "yep."

me: "your standing in front of the blogger you were asking about. flobach."

We had a quick chat about e-learning, blogging, websites and resources; and I thought to myself: How cool is that. My first virtual acquaintance turn real life experience. Sweet.

I was going to link his website in a future post anyway, but here it is:

twitter: Sandnsurf

Check the site out. it is amazing (beware, it's not fluffy, light stuff. Get yer grey cells switched on, pronto).