Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a Given

Inspired by Tazambo, and in relation to my earlier post, here is a list of standard service issued personal equipment, Head to Toe:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Akubra Style hat (Nobody wears it, impractical, but I have been challenged to wear it for a set of four!)
  • Safety Glasses, both clear and tinted (with a band so you can hang 'em round yer neck)
  • 6 Shirts, long or short sleeved
  • a jumper
  • a bomber jacket (warm and cuddly, but doesn't look very ambulancy)
  • a hi-vis rain jacket (with removable insulation)
  • a belt and buckle
  • a MagLite belt holder
  • 3 pairs of pants (no cargo, dress style pants unfortunately)
  • 4 pairs of socks, thick or thin (100% cotton)
  • Boots or shoes.
Personal Equipment:
  • MagLite (I believe a 3 D-Cell big one)
  • Mini MagLite (2 AA cutie torch)
  • Bulbs and batteries if they need replacing
  • Pens en masse

All in all, nothing to complain about. It's good stuff we get, the MagLites are awesome (both big and small), and if we need anything spare, we'll get it (although I have been told it may take a while...)

The only thing I would like to see introduced are some cargo pants. Two additional pockets would be excellent.