Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overheard on the train

Moron #1: I did a runner from the cops the other night, but he fucking caught me, man

Moron #2: Shit, man, what happened?

M1: Yeah, well it was like, I was driving back with the fucking work truck..

M2: Oh that fucking pile of shit.

M1: Yeah, and the cops were behind me, and fucking pulled me over. Well, I didn't stop, cos I don't have a license, and floored it, and the cops were still there, and the bloody ute was sooo fucking sloooow man, so I had to pull over.

M2: Shit dude, what the fuck?

M1: Yeah, fuck man, the cop asked me why I didn't pull over right at the beginning, and I said I don't have a license.


M1: So the cop comes back and looks at me, and says I have a license. I forgot, fuck man, I got my license two days ago.
I've been driving since I was twelve, man, and never been pulled over.