Sunday, April 26, 2009

Psyches & Dykes

Easing in to the day with a call to back pain, on arrival we saw our patient - a rather large woman sitting on the ground with a rather small town draped over her. Asked her and her friend if they could get changed in privacy while we waited outside.

Things to remember:

  • document what you saw and what you did (dealing with naked women in the ambulance service is enough, don't want to be dealing with them in court)
  • get both officers out of the room while she dresses
  • have both officers around to testify that nothing went wrong

Another first: we had a patient with a history of mental illness. disturbingly, he was my age. Had a cut to his foot, we were called to assist the police. He refused to talk to the boys in blue, but chatted to sweet me in green with no problems. Big ego boost!
I think I handled my first proper psych patient pretty good, and here are my notes to self:
  • Keep your distance with mentally unstable patients
  • Be firm, get them to do what you want them to do, give them those options that you want
  • Don't venture too far away from them, keep an eye out!

The last job of the day brightened up our day, even if our 15 year old patient was vomiting and in tears (she perked up with a healthy dose of our bad jokes). The background? Well....let me tell you :-)

Apparently our patient had had a bit too drink, hung out with some friends and overcame her inner fear - which lead to her coming out, and consequential making out with another girl.

Incidentally the recipient of her first female kiss had smoked some marijuana. And our patient felt this was affecting her, making her sick and emotional. Hehe, poor girl.

Her parents picked her up, and we left with a smile on our face.

Another life saved.