Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My service recently aired a TV advertisement as part of a big recruitment push:

Naturally, it has caused some discussion. First time I watched it, I was left hanging. Wow, it's really short...too short. Was that it? Is that all we do, put blankets around people? What about all the sexy skills we have, sticking things in to people, driving on the wrong side of the road, checking peoples ECGs. That would attract a few more people.
I believe the producers/writers/company wanted to epitomize what being a paramedic essentially is: someone who cares for the sick or injured. And offering someone understanding and a warm blanket after a rollover on a major road s just that. Probably not the approach I would have taken, but it does boil it down to the essentials.

But the clip wasn't intended for me, it was intended for members of the public who are (or should become) interested in joining the profession. Hope it hits the spot, we need more staff!

I won't comment on vehicle placement, how crowded the scene is etc's a promo video and it it supposed to look like an accident, the public wouldn't have a clue about tactics (then again, it would have been nice to incorporate such realism in to the video)

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That may have sounded negative, it wasn't entirely. Just not what I had expected. So...let us have a look what other services have done to promote themselves

From Milano, Italy comes AREU, the local ambulance service.

I quite like this one, more action packed. Then again, this may recruit the wrong type of people (maybe the first clip is more likely to appeal to and recruit caring people?). This one is also a little more realistic, with the ambos grabbing all their gear, scuffling up the stairs and checking a response for the patient, and actually medically treating the patient (you can't cure everything with reassurance, you know). And Kudos to the kid who called 118 (ambulance emergency number in Italy), and despite not understanding Italian, you can hear the dispatcher congratulating the kid at the end of the clip with a clear "Bravissimo!". Thumbs up.

Denver EMS:

Denver EMS took a different approach again. A mini series, no visual action, but stories told. What it is like to be a paramedic. What to expect. The guts, the glory, the ups, the downs.
I really like them. And I dig the music, too.

The others clips:
Commercial #2
Commercial #3
Commercial #4
Commercial #5
Commercial #6
Commercial #7

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So, there we have it. Three recruitment video from three different continents with three different takes. What is your favourite, what service would you want to work for after viewing these ads?

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And a final laugh! Found this whilst browsing for vids...hehe: