Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It is 0630hrs in the Emergency Department. We have been working without rest since 1800hrs the previous day. No acute emergency work, just steady, chronic malaise of the population.

Right now, we are standing next to a deaf old dear in the corridor who we will take home to a nursing home. An agency nurse (AN) sees us (US) standing there and starts asking questions:

AN: Are you guys the day or the night crew?
US (grunting, in unison): night.
AN: You do long shift hours. 12 hour nights?
US (grunting, in unison): fourteen.
AN: Wow, you guys must be tired then!
US (grunting, in unison): yes.
AN: How long are your day shifts?
US (grunting, in unison): ten

AN left us alone after that. In retrospect I did like that my partner (on overtime, never met him before) and I responded so well together (pun intended).