Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As a part of our uni course, the first years (pre employment/full time uni students) are get mentors from the second year student pool - so all Qs can be answered, a little guidance can be given etc etc. A good idea, unfortunately not everybody has been making the most of this teaming up...well, you can't force people.

Luckily I got a Protégé who is pretty keen, has an open mind and is thankful for any tips, tricks and exposure. He starts practical training next week, and is due to hit the road in three months, so he came along with us as an observer on a day shift to check out what life is like on a metropolitan ambulance. We had a relatively easy shift, nothing out of the ordinary...but anything from nana transfers to minor road accidents with no injuries he lapped up with unstoppable enthusiasm.

It was refreshing to have a student with me in a position that I was in 12 months ago. I see a lot of myself in him, the anticipation of not knowing when the next job will come in, what it will be. The thrill of the wailing sires, driving on the wrong side of the road, the eagerness to help us. Talking to patients, checking vital signs. A real pleasure (and help) to have him out with us.

'Twas also a great comparison of my advances over the last 12 months. I realise that I have picked up a lot of information, hints, tips'n'tricks along the way (that I love passing on!). Sure, I don't get massively excited about so called 'run of the mill' calls anymore, but: I still love coming to work every day, I am full of anticipation on nearly every single call that I go to (those three o'clock callouts can be an exception...), and no matter who I deal with, I am always polite and friendly to them. I try to get some further education going on, read articles, blogs, magazines to keep up with the times, talk to other paramedics.

But - I realise I still have a long way to go. Some jobs still chuck sand in my gearbox, grinding me from step to step, or making me forget some simple steps alltogether. I have a high expectation of myself, and want to be good at my job. Every job that I do give me a tad more experience. It is a slow process, and slowly but surely I pick up things along the way...and all of a sudden I take a step back, take a look back and realise I've come one step further.

A never ending trip forwards. And enjoying every step of it.