Sunday, September 27, 2009

Smiles and Spikes

As the title suggests, it was an easy going day with a slightly interesting case thrown in. We had
  • the 93 year old lady (who looked like 63 and who's mind was even younger) who was feeling unwell, probably due to a mild reaction to some prescription medicine - one of the three medications she was one. And that at 93. Go Girl!
  • an elderly patient collapse, again probably due to some reaction to his medication. He would not stop talking en route, all talk and smiles. Makes monitoring conscious levels easy :-)
  • a transfer - slightly nutty old chap, but genuinely friendly. Started a great 'grumpy ld men' performance once he was back in his nursing home room with his long time roommate. Good laugh.
  • an interesting trauma job: Our patient had tripped and fell out on a field. In the process of falling, as you do, she stuck her hands out to break the fall...unfortunately her hands aimed right to the spot on the ground where a couple of rusty metal spikes happened to be. Said spike then penetrated the top of her hand at wrist level, and came out the other end of the top of the hand, where the fingers are. Ouch. My first penetrating wound, but really not much we could do apart from re-bandage. I was very proud though: I remembered I had my camera with my, and took some pictures for the hospital, one of the wound and one of the metal spike. The nurse seemed appreciative of the added insight.
All in all nothing challenging. I'm sure those jobs will come, they are just unfortunately taking their time.