Monday, September 7, 2009

Extreme Resus Dodging!

Y'all been having fun out there?


Things getting boring? Need to try something new? That little extra that will tickle the last bit of adrenaline from your ad renal glands? Then look no further, try...



- ~ -

The rules of combat are easy. You have to attend as many jobs as possible that have a strong hint of "resus" in the air, or even better, "CPR in progress" written in the job description. Then, turn up to the job, all psyched up for some pumpy pumpy action, and do absolutely nothing...because there is...nothing to do. Do this as often as possible; the first person to actually come across resuscitation efforts loses, and the winner is the ambo with the "most dodged resus jobs".

My count so far (in 5 months): Dodged resus jobs: 7, real resus jobs: ZERO. Zilch. Nichts.

In no particular order, they were:

  • Male, unconscious, CPR in progress: Turns out to be a nonagenarian who had a syncope (faint)
  • Male, unconsious, post submersion, CPR in progress: Bloke who thought he could swim underwater for longer than his friends. He could...luckily his friends fished him from the pool and performed CPR until said friend woke up and spewed water in their face.
  • Female, not responsive, caller unable to do CPR: DOA.
  • Male, suicide, CO2 poisoning, apparently resus in progress: All that, minus the resus.
  • Male, post fall. On arrival, our patient was white as a sheet and had extreme bradycardia (slow heartbeat). 10 minutes later in hospital, he arrested.
  • Plus various little other jobs where a hint of CPR could be smelled, but did not turn out to be (don't really count.)
Today takes the cake though. I did a shift swap with a fellow student, so I could have the day off for a nice long weekend. He did two resuscitations, in a row. Back to Back. Wow.

Normal day to day operations will return tomorrow at my station, I'm sure. Until then, I will be happily dodging my way through the resus jungle....