Monday, August 17, 2009

ups and downs

Last night was not too bad. We had
  • some decent work: a motorcyclist who's brain forgot to relay the information that there is a roundabout approaching to the hands to slow the bike down. Road 1 Motorcyclist 0.
  • some decent rest: 4 hours sleep in one go, brilliant.
  • some decent fools: Priority one dispatch to a girl with shortness of breath (SOB). Upon arriving with all our gear (drugs, oxygen resuscitator, airway kit, ECG/Defib), and expecting the worst (callcard stated that our patient was unable to speak sentences), following picture: Pt sitting on side of bed, in no apparent distress. Background? Had been to hospital the day before, confirmed common cold, been told to rest (and probably secretly told to 'toughen up princess'. I hate that term, but here it is just so fitting). So we drove patient to hospital, with family following behind the van in their car. Why they didn't tke her in the first place? You can probably only have one common: the common cold or common sense.
Ah well, such is life in the tropics. Until next time, toodles!