Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Again!

The day started off with a chest pain. We do our paramedic bit, take her to hospital, and whizz off to our next job.
Then we called back to the hospital again, we will be taking our first patient from PublicHospital to PrivateHospital Cardiac Unit - our patient has private health insurance. Hello again, and we tell the nurse that know the background of this mornings episode of chest pain - we were there :-)

We clear after the job, and get another transfer from PublicHospital to PrivateHospital Cardiac Unit. We roll in to ED...and our patient looks surprisingly familiar. We had attended to her on our last night shift and transported her to hospital as well - and she too had private health insurance, so off she went with us to PrivateHospital Cardiac Unit.

Same van, same team, same patients. Even the same day on one occasion.


On a personal note: it was the last day of working with my last partner. I really enjoyed it, and learnt a heap as well, leeching of years of experience being a paramedic in several different countries and positions. Thank you PTSD for some great knowledge and experiences!