Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Site: OzAmbos

Well, I've been contemplating, working, procrastinating, avoiding, and generally letting my thoughts go free. And have come up with a new site I would like to introduce to everyone:


The Focus is:
  • To bring Aussie Ambos and emergency workers together
  • To provide information to the general public about the services in Australia
  • To provide Student Paramedics with some good (online) resources
  • To provide tutoring paramedics with some good (online) resources
This is no closed project, I'm open to suggestions, contributions, criticism etc. If you have an ambulance/emergency blog, particularly if you Australian, please let me know. As far as I know there are only four of us out there at the moment...pretty poor in comparison to the loads of UK and US blogs.

There's even a discussion group for some interactive talk available.

Pre hospital care has always been a personal interest of mine, together with new technology. Combining the two, and being a student Ambulance Officer myself, this is the best way to express my passion out to the world, and hopefully get others involved and informed.

OzAmbos is still in it's infancy, I hope to let it grow over time. Please let me know what you reckon.