Saturday, July 25, 2009

It ain't too good to be true

Some folks are just a bunch of whingers. Sure, some more than others, and we're allowed to have a whinge ever now and then - but some people just ought to shut up and get a reality check.

This post is directed at noone in particular, and is more of an explanation of myself than anything else. I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

Generally, if you can read this, you have at least one functioning eye, the cognitive capacity to digest this information, you have internet access, you have food, and you are still alive.

Bloody Brilliant.

For many a reflective times I have quietly thought to myself: You know, I'm a lucky bugger. Pushing the materialistic aspect aside, things have worked out for me, and even the moments that I kinda screwed up turned out all right, even if it did take a couple of hours/days/weeks (or years, if you are talking about the torture of having to go to school :).

But it all worked out for the better. And there were heaps of positives.
Why? Because I saw the positive sides. Best example was when I broke up with a now ex girlfriend of mine on a Friday, I was pretty down. Then I thought to myself: Hey, that means I have the whole weekend to myself with my mates. Excellent!

I didn't get in to the Ambulance service the first two times I applied. Annoying, but I picked up my game, focussed so damn intensely on reaching that goal, and BANG, here I am writing these lines as an ambo.

As a student ambo, I failed my first subject. A bit of a wake up call, I re-did it the unit, fast tracked it (only had to do half of it), and ended up best in my year.

And so on and so forth. I could have given up trying to be an ambo. I could have wanted to get back with that girl. I could have.....but I didn't.

So, focus on the good stuff. Shit happens, as they say, but excrement has great value for plants as fertiliser. They just grab the goodies and make the best out of it.
A matter of perspective, just look for the positives, here's a good post from The EMT Spot.

As for me:

"I am one of these strange individuals that every work place has. You know the one I mean… the one who loves his job, the one who stays positive about everything even when things seem to been all going a bit pear shaped."

And if you think I'm the only nutter that thinks like this, read the intro from medic999.
So good, I shamelessly copied it. Reading his description, I could identify myself in a jiffy.
So why re-write something if the point has already been stated precisely?