Monday, June 22, 2009

not much going on

No really, it's quiet. Currently I am keeping my stuff up to date.

I carry a A4 bright green file (my fave colour) around with me, with plastic sleeves inside. I collect heaps of good information (about drugs, experiences from past jobs, CPG's etc etc.) and keep them in that Folder. I also fill out my PCRFs (Patient Care Record Forms/Run Sheets) out with it. It follows me everywhere. It is my second brain.
So it is being restocked now with updated info.

Didn't pick up any good info whilst driving the last shifts, but I did do a Paediatric Transfer the other day, with doctor and nurse escort. Things to remember:
  • A Head Box is a see though plastic box where a Kiddies Head goes in, the rest of the body is exposed. Used for Paeds in respiratory distress to give them O2 (30-60%), the Oxygen is blown from the top down, which has the great effect of a) blowing the CO2 away from the kiddies airways, and b) not drying out their eyes (hence why little wee ones shouldn't be put on O2 masks for prolonged periods). Picture.
  • Kiddies don't breathe through their mouth until they are around 6 months old. Good to know for suctioning and choking.

On a side note, went to the local childrens hospital the other day to bring in a stable patient. Took a while to get him seen, as they had a status epilepticus in on of the resus areas, and another child with a severe, and I mean severe asthma attack. It was interesting to see it, but one look at it (without ever having seen a child like that) told me it was at deaths door, knocking, but the Reaper hadn't decided whether to let it in or not.

Education in this job is invariably linked with suffering from others.